C # Engineers/Programmers (#JiJ052)

It is a company that provides consulting services on asset management type real estate on a nationwide scale. They are creating their IT division from scratch. It will be mostly for their own support. In spite of the low count, environment within the office is very conducive to growth of international employees

Language :

  • Japanese (Daily Conversational Level)

Job description :

  • Development of company`s own business applications
  • Develop a range of systems and services using IT
  • Help in setting up of infrastructure of the company as the IT division is in its nascent stage

Job Requirements:


  • Development experience using either C # .NET OR ASP.NET. **For people with no work experience they should have a solid educational as well as development background in the aforementioned languages**
  • Those who are excited about learning new skills and can pick up fast
  • Daily conversation level or higher Japanese language proficiency. Both Japanese and English will be used within the office


  • ASP.NET core
  • PostgreSQL
  • Npqsql
  • Firebird
  • JavaScrip
  • BootStrap
  • Photoshop/Illustrator

Location :

Salary :
Upto ¥6.5 M JPY
Trial period : 6 months


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