Electronics Engineer (#055)

The company provides technical human resources services mainly in the information and communications industry and the electrical equipment industry. They generate a yearly turnover of over 22 Billion JPY and have approximately 400 companies with outstanding business performance, including companies listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Language :

  • Japanese (Daily Conversational Level)

Job description :

  •        ※Analog Circuit Design※
  • Development of HW engine control system for hybrid/electric vehicles
  • Development and design of next-generation microcomputer and circuits for ADAS-related and in-vehicle control
  • Development of ultrasonic sensors
  • Basic Design of Organic EL Drive Systems
  • Design of control circuit for loT-compatible production equipment
  • Design of power supply circuits for cardiovascular medical devices
  •        ※Digital Circuit Design※
  • RTL Design and Verification of LSI for Inter-Vehicle Communication Module
  • FPGA circuit design of on-board AI and development of autonomous control algorithm
  • FPGA design in CMOS image sensor development
  • Circuit design for digital mixed LSI

Job Requirements:


  • The following experience is required according to experience level
  •     ※Junior Level※
  • Those who have experienced any circuit design
  •     ※Mid Career Level※
  • Experienced in multiple circuit design
  • Those who are actively been involved in projects and have a solid knowledge base
  •     ※Senior Level※
  • Those who have been engaged in the above work for many years and have been involved in the project in a leading position
  • Equipment Level design or motherboard design experience

Location :

Salary :
¥3.5M onwards (Junior to senior level)

Open to non-residents of Japan


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