Game Development Engineer (Client Side) (#JiJ001)

The company is a major social game provider listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Language :

  • Japanese (Business Level)

Job description :

  • Will be responsible for client side development of smartphone games. Currently the company uses Unity or its own game engine
  • Those who are good at Unity will participate in the Unity related projects while the ones with understanding of layer mounted technology will manage our own game engine

Job Requirements:


  • (Case 1) For those with experience in Unity:
      ※Over 1 year of working experience in Unity
  • (Case 2) For those without experience in Unity
      ※They should have developed consumer games and have the following experience:

        Experience building the frameworks of games
        Experience building with patterns (XNA, OpenGL, DirectX)

        (Graphics 3D/2D)
        3D (FBX etc.)/ 2D knowledge, and experience of animation
        Understanding of model data used in games. Animation implementation experience
        Implementation and adjustment of skin animation (joint animation)

        Game development experience in Managed languages (ActionScript, C #, Objective-C)
        Experience in application design without dropping the target frame (30 FPS, 60 FPS, etc.)
  • (Case 3) For those with experience in developing Android or iOS applications:
      ※Over 3 years of experience in either of the following:
      iOS Application Development
      Android Application Development

** Open to non-residents with very high Japanese language proficiency
* Please register with 履歴書 and 職務経歴書

Location :
Tokyo & Osaka

Salary :
¥5M -¥10 M JPY


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