IT ENGINEER (Operation and monitoring) (#030)

The company is one of the major IT service providers in Japan and also abroad

Language :

  • Japanese (Business Level, N2 or above)

Job description :

  • Network and server operation and maintenance
  • Initial setting of PC and network
  • Support desk work
  • Operation/Maintenance/Monitoring of business systems
  • Will be required to work at the clients` offices all over Japan

Training that will be imparted:

  • IT Skill Training (Network Foundation, Introductory Guide to Windows, etc.)
  • Business etiquette training (telephone reception, business mail, how to hand business cards, etc.)
  • About initial setting of PC and network equipment
  • Server design / Construction · Verification / Release

Job Requirements:


  • People who are willing to learn IT or who are very passionate about IT or are self-taught in the field
  • Should be able to communicate properly with customers
  • Should be at least a high school graduate

※ IT experience is not mandatory as the employees will be thoroughly trained after joining

Location :
Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Sapporo etc.

Salary :
¥2.5M -¥4 M


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