[Manager] Product Development Engineer (Accounts Product Division)(#048)

The company is one of the leading market players in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for large corporations worldwide. It has got over 7000 employees at their offices in Japan, China US, Singapore and India

Language :

  • Japanese (Conversational Level)
  • English (Business Level)

Job description :

  • Will be involved in developing frameworks that support high usability and high speed responsiveness of each product group for the company`s internally developed software for large enterprises, and develop interfaces with external systems
  • The role mainly involves management but you will also be developing
  • Planning and design of function development
  • Member Management
  • Project progress management
  • Man-hour management
  • Partial development work
  • Collaboration with overseas development bases

Job Requirements:


  • Work experience as an engineer (over 5 years)
  • Experience developing IT products and services by Java (over 5 years)


  • Requirement definition in accounting domain (accounting management, debt / credit management, cash management, purchasing / expense management etc.) / experience in function development
  • Experience in IT product / service design and requirements definition work
  • Large scale system development experience
  • Team management experience

** The position is open to candidates residing outside Japan as well

Location :

Salary :
¥8M -¥13 M JPY


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