Machine Learning Engineer (#JiJ051)

The company is the leading car navigation and systems developing company for taxis. They run the largest taxi hailing app in Japan and operate majority of the cabs in Japan.

※Job description

  • Development of machine learning and data mining algorithms based on the following data:

      Vehicle data including location information

    • Video from a Dray Recorder
    • CAN signal data
    • Other data from sensing devices such as LiDAR
  • Problem solving using the following technologies:
    • Optimum distribution plan based on supply and demand forecasts
    • Image analysis
    • Development of optimal vehicle allocation algorithm
    • Diagnosis of vehicle operation
    • Dynamic map generation technology for automatic operation, etc.

※Job Requirements

  • Expertise in machine learning, data mining, or route discovery algorithms
  • Programming skills such as Python
  • Knowledge of relational databases, advanced SQL experience
  • Technology for designing and constructing the necessary analytical infrastructure environment


  • Practical experience in deep learning technology
  • Data analysis experience using Hadoop, Spark and other distributed processing technologies
  • Experience in publishing domestic and overseas papers and journals

Location :

Salary :
Upward 6M JPY. Negotiable

Japanese Language proficiency is welcome but not absolutely necessary

*Open to non-residents of Japan also


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