Server Side Engineer (For Web Application) (#017)

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Language :

  • Daily Conversational Level

Job description :

  • Additional function development and renewal development of our own managed web service
  • New business service development
  • Contract management of in-house crowd sourcing service
  • Internal tool development
  • Web application framework : CakePHP 2, Cake PHP 3, Laravel for internal service
  • Project management tool : JIRA and Backlog
  • Source control : Git

Job Requirements:


  • Practical experience as an engineer (More than 2 years if possible)
  • Program development experience by engaging in actual service.


  • Experience in developing web applications
  • Knowledge and skills related to web languages such as PHP, Ruby, and Java
  • Knowledge and skills pertaining to AWS, Sakura Cloud
  • Knowledge and skills related to DB( MySQL)

Location :

Salary :
¥3M -¥7.5 M


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