Server Side Engineer (#JiJ044)

Established in 2010, the company offers Cloud Platform services to various industries inside as well as outside Japan. They intend to launch industry-specific cloud services one after another by utilizing the strong customer base of their new group company.

Language :

  • Japanese (Daily Conversational Level)

Job description :

  • Content management systems (CMS), Customer relationship management (CRM), E-Commerce systems are offered next-gen marketing platforms.
  • Support product development from business design, technical design, implementation, operation and improvement by own methods
  • Our own cloud platform has already become a system that handles billions of requests. We use Scala at the product level. People without experience in Scala, but who are enthusiastic about learning it, are also welcome.

Job Requirements:


  • Work experience as a system engineer. Scala experience is not absolutely necessary
  • Interest in functional languages such as Scala etc.
  • Interest in modelling and UML
  • Someone who has studied Computer Science at the bachelor level or above

** This vacancy is open to applicants from abroad

Location :
All over Japan (Remote work possible) * HO: Tokyo

Salary :
¥5.5M -¥8 M JPY


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