System Engineer (Web Application) (#020)

One of the biggest companies in the digital marketing industry, the company supports digital strategy in customer business with the trinity(ideology) of "data × creativity × technology"

Language :

  • Japanese (Business Level)

Job description :

  • General system development of web integration centering on major national clients.
  • Requirement definition, design, development, operations of softwares for mobile, Web, smartphone system
  • Member management as a project leader in charge
  • Vendor control
  • Customer negotiation, required man-hours estimation, testing, quality control

Job Requirements:

Mandatory (At least 2 of the following):

  • Web application development experience
  • Development of various applications using server side programs
  • RDB design and construction experience


  • Application development and operation experience for consumers
  • Web application development and operation experience on Linux OS
  • Web application development / operation experience using PHP or Java
  • Project management experience in system projects
  • Learning the specification of the tool by reading the English manual
  • Experience in Implementation of marketing tool
  • SE at SIer, IT consulting experience

Location :

Salary :
¥4M -¥8 M


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