Web Application Engineer (#021)

The company operates the largest stock photography service in Japan that sells visual materials such as photos, illustrations, and videos on the internet

Language :

  • Japanese (Business Level)
  • English (Beginner`s Level)

Job description :

  • Develop a search system that instantly finds what buyers are seeking from more than 25 million digital creative materials (photos, illustrations, movies), and efficiently processes these material photos, illustrations, and videos that are posted in large quantities every day.
  • Development of web application using Ruby on Rails
  • Development of Web front end using JavaScript
  • Design of architecture and database based on requirements, technical selection of library etc.
  • Planning and requirements definition of new functions in cooperation with product owner
  • Proposal and implementation of measures aimed at improving the quality of services and improving operational efficiency
  • Development environment:
      -Front end: React.js, Knockout.js
      -Backend: Ruby on Rails
      -Database: MySQL
      -Infrastructure: Amazon Web Service
      -Development tools: CircleCI, Code Climate, GitHub, SideCI

Job Requirements:


  • Experience in web application development
  • Web application development experience in Linux environment
  • Development experience with team using Git


  • Web application development experience using Ruby on Rails
  • Construction and operation experience of large scale site
  • Construction and operational experience of EC site
  • Promotion of agile development

Location :

Salary :
¥3.5M -¥6M


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