Web Designer (#JiJ047)

One of the largest online English teaching schools in Japan where teachers give lessons over Skype. Artificial Intelligence is used to directly connect students with teachers. Machine learning and big data form a major part of their research.

Language :

  • Japanese (Daily Conversational Level)
  • English (Daily Conversational Level)

Job description :

  • Planning from the initial stages, designing the UI along with the planner
  • Designing the site and making it stronger and more effective resulting in further growth
  • Building and designing the landing page depending on the business requirements

Job Requirements:


  • Website and Landing page design experience
  • Advertisement/Banner production experience
  • HTML/CSS experience
  • Developing experience with team using Github


  • Experience in creating UI with focus on UX
  • Experience using CSS enhanced meta-language such as Sass, LESS, Stylus
  • Wire frame construction experience using Sketch / Adobe XD
  • Coding with Javascript
  • Design and construction experience of CMS (Movable Type · WordPress etc)
  • Web service development experience linked with external API and server side program
  • Configuration of gulp/grunt/webpack etc.
  • DTP / graphic work experience

Location :

Salary :


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