Game Development Engineer and Server Side Engineer (#068)

This gaming company has developed a wide range of titles, including Nintendo titles, home online games, social games, and MMO. Beginning with the expansion of game development projects, the company is launching and operating a debugging business at their Nagoya and Osaka studios, and are scheduled to launch a cloud solution for online game development. They are soon going public.

Language :

  • Japanese (Conversational Level)
  • English (Conversational Level)

Job description :

    (Server Side)

  • Server side application development
  • TCP communication implementation, ranking, matching, shop, lobby, chat, login authentication, etc.
  • Building KPI tools, management tools, etc.
  • (Game Development)

  • In charge of design and development of home games and smartphone applications, focusing on orders from major game manufacturers such as Nintendo

Job Requirements:


  • People who like programming
  • Logical thinking ability
  • Those who can communicate in English
  • Interested in the latest technology and technology trends
  • C + +/C #/Java/python Development experience
  • Server side development
  • 3D Game Development experience
  • Network system development experience
  • Ability to understand and design generic programming

Location :

Salary :
Upto 10 M JPY

Open to international applicants


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