Language Expert for Call Centre (#)

The client is a call center providing services in various languages

Language :

  • Japanese (Fluent/ Above Business Level)
  • Foreign Language (Native/Above Business Level)

Job description :

  • Operator for multilingual call center
  • Conversation between Japanese clients and foreigners (speaking different languages)
  • Connecting international call centers with Japanese clients/customers
  • Interpretation, mail translation, etc. for inquiries related to transportation, agencies, medical facilities, public institutions among others

Job Requirements:

  • Language expertise as mentioned above
  • Should be able to work 5 days a week
  • MSOffice Skills (Word/Excel)

Work Hours:

  • Daily 8 hours + 1 hr lunch break
  • Day Hours : Free to choose 9 hour shift between 08:00-19:00hrs
  • Night Hours : Not absolutely necessary as there are people already. But if anyone is interested please let us know. In case of absence of night workers we may request you to fill in at times.
  • Average working hours per month : Roughly 165 hours
  • Languages :

    • Japanese / Portuguese / Spanish
    • Japanese / English / Spanish
    • Japanese / English / Tagalog
    • Japanese / English
    • Japanese / English / Thai
    • Japanese / English / Bahasa Indonesia

** Please feel free to register even if you are an expert in any foreign language other than the ones mentioned above

Location :

Salary :
¥1900 / hour


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