Web Designer (#020)

One of the biggest companies in the digital marketing industry, the company supports digital strategy in customer business with the trinity(ideology) of "data × creativity × technology"

Language :

  • Japanese (Business Level)

Job description :

  • Doing a variety of creative work to make the client business succeed by not only creating the website but also multiplying technology and data.
  • Not just simply designing the surface layer, but also creating UX (User Experience) keeping in mind the target user and purpose of clients.
  • Extraction of target insight according to customer issues
  • Conceptualizing the design as well as planning the communication policy
  • Planning and production of contents
  • Art Direction of still and motion photography
  • Copy work
  • Design/ Implementation etc.

Job Requirements:


  • Experience of WEB design or graphic design for 5 years or more
  • Portfolio submission is mandatory.


  • Able to design brand communication as art director
  • Design as well as content planning experience
  • Experience in making presentation to customers
  • Knowledge of UX, Knowledge of UCD

Location :

Salary :
¥3.5M -¥5 M


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