Web Marketing Consultant (#020)

One of the biggest companies in the digital marketing industry, the company supports digital strategy in customer business with the trinity(ideology) of "data × creativity × technology"

Language :

  • Japanese (Business Level)

Job description :

  • In charge of general consulting business related to digital marketing of major customers and plan to utilize marketing solutions, introduce them, and support them to produce results.
  • Accompanying sales, clarification of hearing and customer issues
  • Acquire data such as access analysis, SEO and create analysis report
  • Create an issue list from analysis results and share it to customers
  • Planning for problem solving, proposing to customers
  • Policy report preparation and meeting with customers
  • Consulting business centering on utilization of marketing solutions (SalesforceMarketingCloud, AdobeMarketingCloud, TreasureData, Rtoaster, domo etc.)
  • PDCA operation utilizing marketing automation tools (campaign management tools)
  • Support for introducing marketing automation tool (campaign management tools)
  • Proposal utilizing access analysis tools, recommendation tools, AB test tool etc., environment construction, operation

Job Requirements:

Mandatory (Those who satisfy at least one of the following - Over one year of experience):

  • Experience as a web director (production experience is not required)
  • KPI design, analysis, PDCA operation experience using access analysis (AdobeAnalytics or Google Analytics)
  • Consulting service (business requiring logical thinking / task discovery & solution work)
  • Marketing / Research work (survey / analysis design, actual analysis, statistical analysis work such as multivariate analysis)
  • CRM business, DB marketing business
  • SEO consulting service


  • Those who have written wireframes themselves from the proposals
  • Consulting experience of listing advertisement (only sales experience is not possible)
  • Interested in digital marketing, high knowledge absorption and high information sensitivity
  • Experience in using the mail delivery tool

Location :

Salary :
¥5M -¥10M


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